Intial Project

Manifesta 8 Project Summary:

Shaping Perceptions: The self as an affective and effective work of art
This project, Shaping Perceptions: The self as an affective and effective work of art, proposed for Manifesta 2010 attempts to interact with the citizens of Murcia in a process of knowledge exchange through a project that comprises several pillars, all of which are planned to be and use clear descriptive and educative language. The project aims to take Murcia as a sample of a non-cosmopolitan Mediterranean city, a city in which contemporary practices like public intervention and contemporary interactive methods of knowledge sharing and exchange of various forms and their reception are all to be proved. I plan to perform a contemporary art experiment on it. The project/ artwork aims to take an educational approach to interact with different age groups and social strata in the cities of Murcia and Cartagena on the nature, extent and appreciation of contemporary art. In other words the artist (myself) becomes only one single tool and one single element in the experiment (i.e. in the manufacture of the artwork).
The project aims at intervening on six principal pillars:

1- The Self as a tool for Production:
Murcia Dwell: Single Channel Video

2- The Self as a tool for Exploring Space, History & Time:
2 guided tours to Cartagena Prison of San Anton

3- The Self as a tool for Sounding thoughts & Concepts:
2 Radio Programs broadcast with self as facilitator

4- The Self as a tool for Collaboration:
Collaborating with another artist’s artwork (documentary testimonial).

5- The Self as a tool for Belonging:
Working with a local politician and a local popular figure in enforcement and advocacy to interview in 2 Radio programs.

6- The Self as a tool for Knowledge-Exchange:
Series of six lectures, delivered by art historians and curators, and two local Murcia & Cartagena academics.