The Third Vision

The Third Vision: Around 1:00 pm
Single-channel video, 5 minutes, 2008
mini-DV, stock images and footage, text & music score

Public Screenings:
Guangzhou Triennale 2008
Thessaloniki Biennale 2009
Palazzo Piozzo, Rivoli, Turin, Italy, 2009
South Hill Park, Bracknel, UK, (planned) 2011

Third Vision: Around 01:00 pmis a video and audio collage split to project as a four-channel video projection; the work is a nostalgic narrative of visuals that I keep in my memory and shape my practice today.

In this work I use archival photographs from my own family album, photographs I collected along my itinerary as a developing artist as well as film footage, some extracted from VHS-recorded TV material and/or Internet, isolated from its original context, and assembled in a new way to create a personal narrative.
I used the modern changing social and military histories of Egypt to create the principal structure of the work; for the second video, I use historical footage of the assassination of Sadat, the incident I lived when I was 18.

The use of stock photographs, images and audio in this assemblage creates a hybrid story that actually took place in my personal life in the same timeline as seen onscreen.

Khaled Hafez